CSP+ Retreat Are you a CSP/CSC/CST holder?

Join our first CSP+ Retreat!

日本では初のCSP+ Retreatを同時開催します。

What is CSP+ Retreat?

Those with a CSP/CSC/CST certification only will be qualified for this retreat and will be granted a free ticket upon request. This is a very special event sponsored by Scrum Alliance to support and recognize career and skill development of CSP holders in Japan. It is an opportunity for CSP holders (including CST or CSC holders) to network, share experiences, and grow their skills on their Scrum journey. Please apply for an entry to the event, which will be held at somewhere near the venue, at 18:00-19:30 on January 19. Please note that space is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please let us know your profile on the Scrum Alliance website when application. To get a free entrance ticket to this limited-space event, please follow this link. Your profile will be shared among the participants on that day.

CSP+ Retreatとは

CSP+ Retreatは、CSP、CSC、CST限定のRetreat(避難所・駆け込み寺)です。CSP、CST、CSCの親睦の機会であり、経験やキャリアをシェアしスキルを高める機会でもあります。Scrum Allianceの後援により参加費は無料となります。1/19 18:00-19:30、会場近辺で開催します。参加人数には限りがありますので、お申し込み多数の場合は先着順となりますことをご了承ください。お申し込みにはあなたのScrum AllianceのプロフィールURLが必要となります。参加希望の方はこちらから。なお、プロフィールは当日参加者間で共有します。

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